Software Development

Now a day’s software development is becoming popular business because new era of technology is beginning. In Pakistan there are number of companies which provide software development solutions but they did not keep in mind bug free software solutions and quality software development but we keep in mind these things while doing software development. Software development architecture is very necessary to make a usable, interactive and bug free software that is why we use agile development architecture and other so our developed software can be usable and will be fully cycled software for every new modification within existing software We are living in twenty-first century and around us all things quickly change. Usually we listen that at this time train, bus, car, post office, banking and attendance system etc. working as computerize. Generally all persons belief on the automatic system since this work in accordance predefine features as well as present result correct, never tired as well as more dependable. The soul of Automate system is software. The customized software program development is not a simple effort. While we look a few computerize system this effort pretty smooth and simply but behind this a large mind work which developing by software engineer. The software development is lengthy process as well as this is developed step by step. When software engineers developing software he/she thought all aspect of the software program such as... Scheduling of the project: while a customer needs to develop a software by software development corporation then primary procedure of the project will be scheduling inside step learning What troubles could happen while develop this project. Study of feasibility: in this procedure verify the project might possible or not. Project fee cover by customer or not along with ensures approximation time of the project as well as within this area ensured this project can develop or not. Draft of the system: system designing is the most serious procedure of the project development. Within this area all procedure mentioned who software program effort such as where data store, where data come & go, how where data as well as information display and so on. Procedures cover within this area. Coding: coding works performed by programmer as well as written according system design. Implementation: usually big software develops within a number of the minor software (program). Every program’s functioning checks in this step. Software program integration: now every program integrating and development a software program. Software testing: in this stage Developed software is tested toward confirm that it works in respect toward the client's requirement. For a mistake free and capable application this procedure is especially important. A lot of period is dedicated in this procedure to make a foolproof application. This step insures the good nature of software program. Installation: in this step software program hand toward client as well as every fee of software development received by client. © 2012
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