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We are living inside twenty-first century and around us stuff rapidly changes. Commonly we listen that at this time train, bus, car, post office, banking as well as attendance system etc. functioning as computerize. Generally all people trust on the automatic system since this effort according predefine functions as well as give result correct, never tired and more reliable. Can do solutions provides nice, cool, good and professional looking web designing to our clients. We have a team of best designers with us and our aim is to deliver very good and professional looking design to our customers. It is very easy to design any type of website but the matter is most to design a website with proper layout, alignment and cool looking pages that will have some major features given below: 1. Back Ground of a web page does not interrupt with text. 2. Information’s of a page hierarchy should be clear. 3. Navigation buttons are clear and easy to use. 4. Buttons and Text should be sized according to web page. 5. Page material quickly downloadable. 6. Good use of elements like images to break up large areas of text. 7. Very important part of designing is that every web page in the site belongs to same site. 8. Use of cool animated material so your web page can get visitors attention. Can Do Solution gives guarantee to our customers about all major and minor but important aspects of designing with cheap rates. The soul of Automate system is software program. The customized software program development is not a easy work. At what time we look some computerize system this effort pretty soft and without difficulty except at the back this big mind work which developing by software engineer. The software application development is lengthy procedure as well as this developing step by step. When software program engineers developing software he/she thought each aspect of the software program such as... Scheduling of the project: at what time a buyer wants to develop a software program by software Development Company after that first procedure of the project will be planning inside step studying What problems might occur at what time develop this project. Study of feasibility: in this procedure check the project might possible or not. Project price cover by customer or not along with verify approximation period of the project as well as inside this field ensured this project may develop or not. Design of the system: system designing is the most critical step of the project development. Inside this area all procedure described who software program effort such since where data store, where data come & go, how where data as well as information display etc. step cover in this field. Coding: coding works performed by programmer and written according system plan. Implementation: generally big software program develops inside a amount of the little software program (program). Each program working checks inside this procedure. Software integration: now every program integrating and development a software. Software testing: in this phase Developed software program is tested toward ensure that it works in accordance toward the client's requirement.

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